Let’s make the most of your property and your budget


We design small buildings that are simple, beautiful and well-crafted. By keeping our designs efficient we can help keep the cost of building low and ensure your project makes financial sense.​


Find out what you can build on your lot and what makes financial sense for your project. We'll draw up some quick concept drawings and a budget for your vision, and guide you through the maze of regulations.

Drafting and Design

Custom design and drafting

Let us design your perfect home from scratch for you, from concept to permit application and construction details. When we design a house, we think ahead to how it will be built and we try to simplify difficult construction details. produce less waste, take less time to build.

about us

Our aim is to make beautiful homes financially viable by keeping our designs simple to reduce labour, waste and material costs.

Home extension plans

Goldfinch specializes in any sort of small building, usually around 300 to 1200 sqft. Whether you live in town on Vancouver Island, or on a rural property on one of the Gulf Islands, we can design a home that will fit your lifestyle, budget and property.

  • Airbnb rental units
  • Secondary suites
  • Carriage houses
  • Recreational cottages and cabins
  • Garden studios and offices
  • Sheds
  • Laneway houses

Pre-designed Plans

Browse through our pre-designed plans to get a sense of what is possible. All our plans can be purchased as-is or  include a full set of building permit drawings tailored to your site and project. Want to move a window or add a door? no problem.

Latest Projects

We help people build better quality homes for less using simple designs and building techniques. Because better homes improve our lives financially, environmentally and socially.

Denman Island Small Home
Massage Therapy Studio Comox
Double car garage in Merville
Laneway House Comox Valley
Comox Valley Laneway House

Find out what you can build on your property