One-bed rancher with storage

As simple and efficient as it gets. A comfortable self-contained unit with a mezzanine storage area so big you could fit four double beds on it and still have storage room left over. The flexible space gives you plenty of options to make it the perfect cabin or permanent home for one. The vaulted ceiling makes the interior space feel luxurious despite its small footprint.

Small cabin plan

Size: 315 sq ft
Kit price: Starting at CAD$38,000

One-bed rancher with storage can include:

  • 22’6″ x 15’6″
  • bed, living, kitchen, study all in one space
  • ladder to huge 30’x5’6″,  175 sq ft storage level
  • funky mix of stained wood planting troughs and painted beaded wood siding
  • large shower unit
  • Contact us to make it what you want!

Priced above with:

  • 2×6 construction
  • 2×6 framed storage level with 5/8″ t+g ply surface
  • drywall supplied for interior
  • painted finish beaded pine plus 1×6 cedar board exterior
  • varnished 1/2 ply cladding 50% of interior
  • cedar board roof trim
  • metal sheet roofing
  • ladder to storage level
  • fully insulated above building code levels

Construction options:

  • Self build – owner builder qualification required
  • Goldfinch build or self build – if non residential (omit bathroom or kitchen)
  • Registered Residential Contractor required if residential

Kit size approximately 11 bundles of 8′ x 4′ x 3’tall.

What isn’t included in this kit:

  • Floor – concrete slab on grade recommended
  • Foundations – concrete foundation walls recommended
  • Electrical – none included
  • Plumbing – piping and ductwork not included
  • HVAC – none included



Don’t forget shipping. Moving a building isn’t easy! Costs for shipping can range from $200 to $1,200 depending on what you buy and how far it is going. Contact us for more details. We'll figure out the best shipping option for your order.

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