Building Plans and Kits

We offer a variety of cost-effective building kits for sheds, studios and garages to garden suites and laneway houses.

They can all be modified to fit your budget and your lot. Our kits are easy to build and include all the materials pre-cut so you save time, save money and guarantee quality. Browse our designs to find one that matches the overall shape and size you need:

Suites and Laneway Houses

Efficient layouts and high construction standards make these affordable buildings perfect for adding a rental unit to your property. Our small homes exceed BC building code requirements and require a registered residential contractor for construction unless you don’t include bathroom or kitchen in which case they classify as an accessory building.

One-bed rancher with storage

Open plan suite with large storage level.

Size: 315 sq ft
Kit price: $38,000

One-bed open plan rancher

Compact, modern one bedroom home.

Size: 416 sqft
Kit price: $43,000

One-bed rancher with porch

Perfect young or elederly couple home.

Size: 484 sqft
Kit price: $49,000

Two-bed modern rancher

Ultramodern surprisingly spacious 2 bed home.

Size: 675 sqft
Kit price: $56,000

Two-bed laneway house with carport

Modern 2 bed home with large car port.

Size: 868 sqft
Kit price: $69,000

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Garden Studios and Offices

Our studios are stand-alone buildings with floors included and insulated for comfort. They include a residential level of rainscreen construction for quality and longevity.

Small garden office or studio

Just erect it and plug it in. Tax decutible for a business too!

Size: 80 sqft
Kit price: $8,700

Small garden guest suite

Accessory teenage suite, guest house or multi person office.

Size: 289 sqft
Kit price: $21,000

Large garden office or studio

Your perfect hobby hideaway.

Size: 160 sqft
Kit price: $15,000

Large garden guest suite

Large hobby or guest space with many windows.

Size: 384 sqft
Kit price: $23,500

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Sheds and Garages

Our sheds and garages are high quality wood buildings that will add value to your property and are designed to endure the worst of the west-coast weather.

Single car garage

Straightforward garage plus storage level.

Size: 288 + 288 upper storage level
Kit price: $11,950

Single car with RV garage

Garage for single car plus large RV plus storage level.

Size: 784 plus 336 storage space/office/cave
Kit price: $28,950

Double garage

A straightforward, simple double garage.

Size: 576
Kit price: $21,950

RV garage

RV garage with man door and extra width.

Size: 504
Kit price: $18,950

Single garage tall

Single car garage plus full height second level.

Size: 288 + 288 upper level
Kit price: $14,950

Greenhouse Potting Shed

Everything for the gardener. Greenhouse and storage in one.

Size: 64 sqft
Kit price: $3,250

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